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Yoga Classes, Teacher Training, and Mindfullness

Yoga Classes, Teacher Training, and Mindfullness

Downloadable Workshops

Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and More!

All at the click of a button!

Yoga at Home

Chakra Training

25 Hours Yoga Alliance CEU's

I am thrilled to partner with Almaden Yoga in San Jose, Calif. to bring this 25-hour Chakra training to you virtually. Studying the chakras sends us deeper into the realms of yoga and the understanding of the movement of energy.  This training will give you the tools to understand the chakra system and be able to sequence classes according to chakra energy.  


Sept. 16 - Nov. 1

Wednesdays & Fridays 4:30-6pm PST

Sundays 4:30-5pm PST

$250 if booked before Sept. 1


$275 if booked after Sept. 1

A Namaste A Day

Sunflower Sequencing

Workshop for Yoga Teachers

This is a method I developed in my early teaching years to ensure my classes were safe and effective. I outline how to step out of the usual 'bell curve' class and think outside the box. I'm sharing it now with you to teach you how to intellegently sequence yoga/movement classes to help your students find success. You can apply this sequence to a variety of styles, from chair yoga to wall yoga to power yoga and everything in-between. Its a great method for developing weekly or monthly 'themes' or 'peak poses' which help you retain students and get them coming back for more. This workshop features several videos, a brief anatomy outline, an intro to sunflower sequencing and an example class.​

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The EVOL Project Chakras

Seven Chakra Classes & Discussions

Seven 60-minute downloadable yoga classes, one for each chakra.  Plus a 45-minute discussion for each chakra.  

This series is to help you in transitional times in your life.  Or when a big decision looms over your energy.  Use this course to get to know your chakras, your energy and yourself.  The energetic work done with chakras will help you simplify your life, understand why you react as you do and create a open channel of energy to inspiration.  

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