10-20 minute classes



A 20-minute flow with no vinyasas.  Instead, you'll rotate and move in the ankles. hips, spine and shoulders.

Flip It Morning Practice

A 10-minute morning class using an inversion table. Warm up all joints and create space in the low back and neck. 

Stick Movement

A 20-minute movement class using a 6ft stick.  A great practice for active stretching to improve joint mobility.

Fluid Body

A 20-minute movement class with a focus on hip, spine and shoulder mobility.  Rolling, twisting and moving in a circular fashion helps relase tight muscle tension.


A 10-minute gentle movement class with guided breath and short meditation.  Focus on sitting with uncertainty. 

Sitting Disbanded

A 20-minute gentle stretch class to release tight hamstrings and hips from long periods of sitting.

Interested in LIVE classes?  

A Mama-Stay

 A Day...

Keeps the fear away... 10 mini classes

It has been an intense couple of months.  "Mama-Stay" is something my kids used to say when they were little instead of "Namaste".  If you are feeling some anxiety and fear with getting back to "normal",  this series is for you.  Five days with two 20-minute movement practices.  One for the morning, one for the evening.  Each day has a different focus.  The intention is to get back into feeling your body, learn tools to manage emotions and embrace your new normal.