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Yoga Classes, Teacher Training, and Mindfullness

Movement Classes

10-20 minute classes


A 20-minute flow with no vinyasas.  Instead, you'll rotate and move in the ankles. hips, spine and shoulders.

Flip It Morning Practice

A 10-minute morning class using an inversion table. Warm up all joints and create space in the low back and neck. 

Stick Movement

A 20-minute movement class using a 6ft stick.  A great practice for active stretching to improve joint mobility.

Fluid Body

A 20-minute movement class with a focus on hip, spine and shoulder mobility.  Rolling, twisting and moving in a circular fashion helps relase tight muscle tension.


A 10-minute gentle movement class with guided breath and short meditation.  Focus on sitting with uncertainty. 

Sitting Disbanded

A 20-minute gentle stretch class to release tight hamstrings and hips from long periods of sitting.

Rooftop Yoga

Unique Movement

A 60-minute class focused on spinal mobility.  You'll slide, twist and bend to unlock all the sticky spots in the spine.  

Heavenly Hips

A 60 minute flow class to generate hip stability, mobility and strength. Your hips are the base of your spine. When we create stability in the hips, it helps unlock the spine and allows us to feel more mobile in our everyday activities.

60 minutes of spinal rotation and extension.  Movements will work your core and stabilize your low back.  A slower paced class leading you safely into 'flipped dog'.

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Compassion Flow

A 60 minute slower paced class focused on feeling our bodies.  from head to toe, creating length and space in the body and compassion in the heart.   


Three 60-minute classes focused on connecting authentically with yourself.  Focus on joint mobility and de-stressing. 

Spine Swivels

Slow and Steady

Class Packs

Pulling You Close

This posture clinic is a class pack of 2:

Part 1 begins with learning how to engage the 'pulling muscles' to help improve posture.  This is a great morning practice as it ends with you standing, ready for the day. 


Part 2 begins involves a series of standing postures to activate the 'pull muscles' and strengthen your legs.  This is a great evening practice to get your body and mind ready for sleep. 

Authenticity..... 3 classes

To be true to yourself... To shift from listening to outside expectations to inner guidance and awareness.  This is a series of three 60 minute classes...

~Authenticity & Joint Mobility 

~Hip Rotation

~U R Grounded

Gentle movement classes to help you connect in a deeper way with your body and its needs.  


Wall Classes
Head Stand Pose

Wall Classes

a 45 minute class learning tools to wrap and bind in poses like Bound Side Angle and Bird of Paradise.  A great class to improve shoulder and spine mobility. 

Wheel at

the Wall

A 45-minute class using the wall to create a safe and effective wheel pose in our bodies. Wheel pose is fantastic to improve spinal mobility and to reverse the effects of sitting.

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A 45 minute yoga class using a wall space in your home.  This class helps prep your body to play around with Prancing Pony Handstand.  Have fun and flip yourself upside down!


A 45 minute class using the wall to learn internal and external rotation of the hips.  We'll improve hip mobility by strengthening muscles in and around the hips. 

Pincha Wall

A 45-minute movement class using the wall to prep the body for the inversion Pincha Myerasana, or Forearm Stand. The wall will help creating length in the side body, rotation for the shoulders and movement in the spine.


 Gondubarandasana is a chin stand.  This is a 45-minute class, creating movement with the wall.  It's a wonderful spinal extension pose. 

Wrap It Up



Gentl Movement

Gentle Classes

Gentle Mamaste

Spine Sweetness

A class focused on stretching the stresses away. If you are busy, like a Mom, this class is for you. It includes a breathing tutorial to enhace the capacity of your lungs, as well as slow steady movements to enhance mobility in your joints. and a sweet Savasana ending.

Sticky Spine

A 60 minute class with a focus on movement in the mid-upper back area.  This area gets locked up or "sticky", so we use gentle movement, stretching and breath work to free up mobility in this area.  

A 60 minute slow paced stretch for your entire spine. We start at the base by releasing tightness in the hips, then work our way up the spine all the way to the neck. This class is great for people who sit a lot or if you are feeling a bit stressed/anxious.

Rest and Reset

Give yourself this 60 minutes to reset your entire spine.  We begin by releasing the Psoas and allowing movement in the hips to create more space and length in the spine.

Taking Shape

60 minutes of simple movements and lots of breathing.  Let your body take a shape, then let the breath do the work.  A great way to step into a state of relaxation. 

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