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Family Yoga

Free Family Yoga

My son Luca is my constant source of inspiration.  As a little boy with autism, he faces life head on with a confidence, humor and curiosity.  Join Luca and I for a 35-minute family yoga session.  


Visit our EVOL site to learn more about Luca, our journey with autism and how you can help these kids thrive. 



Free Yoga Class

Free Yoga Classes

Half-Moon At the Wall

I love using the wall.  Enjoy this free class using the wall to find the pose Balancing Half Moon.  Using the wall helps recruit muscles not often used, which helps create more balance, mobility and strength in the body. 

Wall Yoga Basics

A quick 12-minute class to learn the basics of usign the wall. You'll learn to align the body by usign the mid-line to go upside down. 

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